MOE Work Plan Seminar: Challenges posed and how to tackle them effectively

Dear Principal,

Hope this email finds you well. I read with great interest the MOE Work Plan Seminar 2018 and Budget Debate speech 2019 by Minister Ong Ye Kung. 

I am an educationist-at-heart, I have distilled the challenges Minister Ong posed at the MOE Work Plan Seminar:  

a) Helping students discover more joy and develop stronger intrinsic motivation in learning. (Para. 8 of the Work Plan Seminar)

b) Helping students to achieve excellent learning outcomes without encouraging an overly competitive culture (Para 9)

c) Enabling students to achieve different learning paces regardless of academic inclination (Para 10)

d) Re-shaping the social environment to boost your students’ self-confidence (MOE Budget Debate 2019, para 67).

I have done much research and apply of the Creative Thinking Techniques. I do have some insights on how to tackle the challenges posed at the MOE Work Plan Seminar.  I would be pleased to share with you suitable solutions for your school.

How to get your staff to take ownership? You can equip them with necessary skills so that they generate the solutions themselves. I would like to share with you the following: 

1. Introduction of the PCAN Model which is a Complex Problem-Solving methodology.

I would be pleased to share with you how to apply the PCAN model to the MOE Work Plan challenges.

2. Introduction and application of Two Creative Thinking Techniques

  • Problem Reversal Technique: You view a problem from another angle when you use this technique. It gives you new insights and new possibilities in problem solving.
  • SCAMPER-Plus Technique: This technique enables you to leverage on time-tested solutions to generate numerous creative ideas promptly.

3. The Instant Info Mastery Technique

The world of online marketing, social media, and the digital marketplace has opened the floodgates on the raging river of information. This technique enables your staff to instantly mine data from cyberspace and integrate information from numerous sources: Search engines, YouTube videos, SlideShare to enrich subject content.

For more information,

Each school is unique with a different culture and set of problems. No solution is tailored to solve all problems. That’s why a discussion will help to pin down relevant problems and to refine the techniques to suit your school’s needs. Do contact me if you are interested. That would be your first step to address the challenges posed by the MOE Work Plan Seminar.

Thank you for your kind attention. Looking forward to your reply.

Warmest regards,

Richard Mak
Mobile: 96693600 

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I was a former Director of Business Studies with a post-secondary statutory board and an award-winning lecturer. I have lectured extensively in world-renowned MBA programmes in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta with the University of Leeds, Open University, Maastricht School of Management and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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