MOE Work Plan Seminar: ONE Integrated Project for 4 Challenges/Solutions

Dear Principal,

It is heartening to note that many Principals have read my last email (1 Nov 2019)

  • 81.8% from Junior Colleges
  • 78.5% from Secondary Schools

Streaming 4 Key Challenges/Solutions into ONE Integrated Project

I have integrated the 4 challenges/solutions into ONE student project. I called it a “Life Transforming Project”.

Benefits of the ONE Integrated Project

  • Attention is focused on ONE integrated project instead of 4. With 1 committee working on 1 project instead of 4 committees working on 4, consistency of approach is assured
  • This project is designed as an exercise in student empowerment – students will make decisions and propose changes in their own learning
  • Since the project is student centred and led, it will neither tax the time nor resources of teaching staff

Life Transforming Project Implementation

This project will comprise 2 manageable stages:

  • Stage 1: Pilot Project for 30 Student Achievers
    • Select 30 student achievers to embark on a self-discovery journey. (“Letters To My Future Selves”)
    • Option 1: Life  Transforming Messages
    • Option 2: Solving Complex Problems Creatively
  • Stage 2: Organize a Contest on “Letters to My Future Selves” for the rest of the student population.

How I Can Help

I will introduce students to Complex and Creative Problem-Solving Techniques.

I have carefully curated YouTube videos to enable blended learning on:

  • Psycho-Cybernetics
  • True Purpose in Life
  • Creative Visualization
  • Master Mind Group

Why the Proposed Life Transforming Project is a 21-Day Challenge

Life changing habits are not something anyone can imbibe and put in practice overnight.  The 21-day period is a guide to help student jumpstart their journey to develop a wholesome self-image and transform their lives.

I firmly believe participation will enable you snd your school to achieve the outcomes of the MOE Work Plan Seminar:

  • Students will discover more joy and develop stronger intrinsic motivation in learning
  • Students will achieve excellent learning outcomes without emphasising an overly competitive culture
  • Students will know how to develop a more caring school environment

Let’s Start a Conversation

Each school has its own unique culture and problems. There is no one size fits all solution. It is impractical to tailor a programme to solve all problems in all schools. That’s why a discussion will help to pin down relevant problems and refine the techniques to suit your school’s needs.

Do contact me if you are interested in my proposal. Let us work together to address the challenges posed at the MOE Work Plan Seminar.

Thank you for your kind attention. Looking forward to your reply.

Warmest regards,

Richard Mak

B. Acc (NUS), ACCA (UK), MBA (UK), Grad. Dip Marketing (MIS)


Mobile: 96693600

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I was a former Director of Business Studies with a post-secondary statutory board and an award-winning lecturer. I have lectured extensively in world-renowned MBA programmes in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta with the University of Leeds, Open University, Maastricht School of Management and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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