Instant Information Mastery Skill (IIMS)

Instant Information Mastery Skill is the method of learning and acquiring a skill professionally in the shortest reasonable time on your own so that you excel in your job.

Workshop on Instant Information Mastery Skill

Bullet-Proof Your Job to Survive & Succeed in the Digital Age


Jobs threatened by digital technology, an increasing ageing population, and uncertainty on the skills required to prepare for future jobs – these are some of the challenges that many current employees and job seekers face today. This proposal for the Instant Information Mastery Skill (IIMS) workshop seeks to address these challenges.

What is Instant Information Mastery Skill (IIMS)?

It enables participants to learn any topic or skill by gathering information from numerous sources in the shortest possible time. Information Mastery is the first step to attaining skill mastery.  It enables participants to pick up a skill just-in-time to get a job done.

Instant Information Mastery will lead to speedy and just-in-time skill mastery

IIMS uses a sequential methodology of expeditiously getting information from:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Slideshare   

Unlike a real expert who spent years in study or practice, or both, in a specific field, an instant expert learns something specific in relation to a task, to get the job done. IIMS enhances the employability and adaptability of PCP retrained workers by empowering them to pick up specific skills just-in-time to get the job done. IIMS also enables them to re-skill and upskill themselves.

IIMS addresses the Challenges faced by the PCP Graduands

IIMS addresses PCP graduands insecurities, fears and adjustments in their new job. PCP focuses solely on technical skills competency. But there are other skills they require. For example, PCP retrained workers in digital marketing might be tasked to write Sales Proposals and to pitch for sales orders. PCP does not teach such skills.

Such soft skills are industry specific and vary from business to business. Instead of companies identifying skills required in a knowledge-driven and fast market place, why not empower retrained workers to do so? They can use IIMS to search for online soft skills resources pertinent to their trades.

Acquiring the IIMT know-how is a response to the demands of a knowledge-driven and speed-oriented market place. The IIMS boost the PCP graduands adaptivity in their new workplace.

Why IIMS is considered a Game-changer?

In the Harvard Business Review, Patty Woolcock, Executive Director of the California Strategic HR Partnership states: “The future of learning is three ‘justs’: just enough, just-in-time, and just-for-me.”

Besides empowering employees in self-directed learning, IIMS can optimize and let them choose when they need to learn – the most efficient way to get new knowledge enabled employees to be more productive on the job. IIMS facilitates and maximize workplace learning and performance potential. Convenience, accessibility, relevance, efficiency, and engagement: IIMS embodies the hallmarks of a memorable learning experience!

Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the workshop, participants will:

    1. Become an Independent contributor and a self-reliant learner. will know where to seek credible, reliable and information.
    2. Pick up any skills required for the jobs in the shortest possible time.
    3. Will no longer need to rely on guess work as this is a structured methodology.
    4. Apply IIMT to learn Persuasion Skill so that you are acquainted with the IIMT mastery procedure.

    Value Propositions of IIMS

      1. It enables real-time improvement of work performance. IIMS provides knowledge at the point of action, where employees not only learn the solution but immediately apply it to their needs.”
        • Application of IIMS help an employee perform his or her job optimally by providing access to tips, tricks, solutions, and hacks just when he or she needs them, which is at the workplace and right at the point of action.
      2. It optimizes knowledge retention and speeds up the learning process. People learn better and faster when they HAVE to learn. We apply the learning almost right away, we HAVE to learn to earn that promotion adds a powerful motivational thrust that speeds up the learning process.
      3. It creates more engaged employees. Employees identify gaps in their knowledge and are eager to address them. IIMS learning embodies relevance. Learners learn exactly what they need – to address specific knowledge gaps and apply it right away.
        • Employees enrol in the training they need to solve a particular problem on the job. Their success reinforces the value of learning and help them feel both engaged and productive.
      4. It enables employees to take control of their own learning at a time and place that suits them. Most learning resources are online and are accessible 24/7. Hence, IIMS enables training anytime and anywhere.
      5. Saves time and resources. It creates more engaged employees. Employees identify gaps in their knowledge and are eager to address them. IIMS learning embodies relevance. Learners learn exactly what they need – to address specific knowledge gaps and apply it right away.
      • IIM learning gives employees exactly what they need. They don’t need to be away from work. They can simply gather the knowledge that’s most meaningful for them and then quickly return to the task at hand.


      1. IIMS gives participants confidence, competence and motivation When employees constantly use IIMS – they will gain the confidence to acquire skills, confidence, competence and motivation – necessary for them to progress and to succeed in life and work.

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